Kareem Byfield

Author/ Choreographer/ Photographer

It's not just about moving the body..
It's about connecting through everything you do.

That is what training & a career that spans over 20 years will get you!

The ability to connect is what makes a great choreographer, an exceptional author & a visionary photographer excel in all he does! After training with outstanding mentors, the ability to treat all equal in the dance industry is what separates me. It's what allows me to push the limits of my choreography & what makes me a caring instructor with a passionate & unique style.

The knowledge & business of dance has been one I have excelled in over the years. Hard work & dedication has lead me across Canada & allowed me to expand my knowledge of business around the world.

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Poems, Stories & Thoughts of an Adult Mind

This book was created to help individuals express & share their feelings with loved ones & friends.

Poetry is great for the mind & soul & can help many in times of happiness & struggle.

Each chapter will take your mind to a new level of thought & your heart to a new place of understanding & peace.

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